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the one with Ocean to Enjoy

Si Tissa tiba-tiba whatsapp, trus seperti biasa…ngaa jelas. Tapi dia janji tiap hari bakal kirimin gue renungan harian/daily devotion. Hualah….tapi yah lumayan buat bahan-bahan bacaan, mungkin bisa berguna. And salah satu cerita yang menarik adalah “Ocean to Enjoy”, dan kira-kira begini ceritanya.

There and old story about a little frog that was born at the bottom of a small, circular well. He and his family lived there, and he was content to play in the water. He thought, Life doesn’t get any better than this. But one day, he climbed to the top of the well and cautiously peered out over the edge. lo and behold, the first thing he saw was a pond a thousand time bigger than the well. He ventured father and discovered a huge lake. Eventually, the little frog hopped all the way to the ocean, where everywhere he looked, all he could see was water. He was shocked beyond measure.

Are you enclosed in your own little well? Look out over the edge. God has oceans He wants you to enjoy!

Good story kan… ya so intinya, jangan khawatir karena Tuhan sudah menyediakan yang terbaik untuk kita, lebih dari yang kita bayangkan. Have a good day guys

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